Democracy or Mobocracy?

Everyone wants apologies and bans on everything that they dont agree with!

Art is an expression of an individual’s perspective. In a society that is starved of inspiring leaders,collective action of the type that is being seen now is dangerous. In a democratic society, everyone has a right to an opinion and a duty to never enforce his opinions.

Why arent we working on banning murders , rapes, casteism and religious strife? Why not a fatwa against anyone supporting terrorists? Why not a decree against those who refuse to use contraception in overcrowded societies ?

A nation fed on notions of cultural correctness is doomed to fascism and fundamentalism!Blaming the failures of the a nation on a secular and open-minded society, is the simplest mechanism to creating a polarised society. We see numerous examples of that in the world around us. From a responsible citizenry, we are moving to a society that choose to look at the world in a polarised view and hence loses its ability to assimilate change. Adapting to the fast changing world is impossible for a nation that chooses that constantly attempts to enforce opinions on an individual.

The primary function of a democratic government is to provide governance and a platform for transforming the nation into a thoughtful and confident citizenry! But today, democratic governments in various countries have become a vestige of idealogues and an appendage of those with a ‘ruling class’ mentality.

By banning works of art, the message we will send to the future generations is that the nation has no space for the individual..that you can either choose to be a part of the silent crowd or the violent mob. The galleries of time will decide the merit of a work of art. I have one question to all those who run hate campaigns and pressurise the government for bans – To experience a work of art is a personal choice. If you dont like it or your find offensive, please state that to the artist and move ahead with your life. Viewing a hungry child begging at a traffic junction is far more graphic and disturbing than the worst works of art. Does any one of these self styled protectors of culture , ever demand a ban on that ? Should the government and other organisations spend valuable time and resources in reviewing and banning works of art that will under the best circumstances reach and influence a miniscule proportion of our masses!

Government and Organisation should instead facilitate and encourage more adult and more responsible ways of expressing dissent and accepting diverse opinions. It is in the best interests of our children that we as a nation stop mobocracy..whether it is in the form of proclamations of bans or in the form of people trying to implement their own forms of justice on the streets. It is this form of mobocracy that creates fascists around the world!


~ by exploreamaze on October 19, 2009.

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