‘2 States – The story of My Marriage” By Chetan Bhagat..An Engaging Read..Definitely a must buy!

I have read a novel of 200 plus pages in 3 hours straight.. something that no other author has been able to achieve with me in a long time! Maybe it is the magic of a story that feels almost like your own 🙂 .. Now, I am not exactly a Chetan Bhagat fan, but, I do appreciate his desire to ‘de-intellectualize’ English literature in India. I am a great believer in the power of story-telling..both the mythological kinds and the personal stories that we hear from our parents, peers and others.

‘2 States – the story of my marriage’ is a story that I believe any couple will identify with, even those who havent married across regions/communities within India.. But for those of us who have gone beyond their region and community in search of the beloved partner, the story rings true on every page, through every sentence and every snippet in the story line.

The story is crisp and the language honest,bordering on sarcasm. Characters are well developed, I can see shades of Agastya Sen from English August.. The pace is gripping and Chetan has avoided literary embellishments that often deviate from purpose of storytelling.

What I admire most is that that Chetan has been able to avoid a prescriptive sermon at many stages in the story where it was quite easy to slip into a lecture on multi-cultural upbringing or the importance of looking beyond community or linguistic groups. The book goes a long way in Chetan’s stated goal of using writing to influence a change in young India..

In my honest opinion, this book has all the characteristics of a fine screenplay.As someone whose personal story of marriage has quite a few shades of what Krish and Ananya go through in course of getting to marriage, I could be biased..But isnt it hallmark of good storytelling that your readers can identify with the story, the characters and the message ?

The most admirable lines are those that Ananya’s father speaks at the the end – “….But we forget that this has happened because your child had love to give to someone in this world..is that such a bad thing? Where did the child learn to love ? From us, after all, the person they loved first is you…”


~ by exploreamaze on October 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “‘2 States – The story of My Marriage” By Chetan Bhagat..An Engaging Read..Definitely a must buy!”

  1. WTF! so your interpretation of deintellectualization means bad writing.Thanks a ton.God bless you and Chetan.

  2. so your interpretation of deintellectualization is bad writing purges all what’s wrong with serious writing.Thanks a ton.God bless you and Chetan.WTF!

  3. Surjit, I just said that I do ‘appreciate’ his desire to ‘de-intellectualize’.. That’s it! I felt that the book does tell its story well..As for ‘Bad’writing, that’s a subjective statement..you are surely entitled to your opinion, especially since you haven’t explained what ‘bad’writing constitutes.. I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan..so I wonder what your comment is about!

  4. It’s a lackluster book


  5. great post as usual .. thanks .. you just gave me a few more ideas to play with

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