The literate leaps of imagination..Books and Reading!

Ah! The joys of buying a book.. or rather books 🙂 . There is something ethereal about the process of walking through rows of books, sampling, sipping and shifting through pages of books…Books have the ability to transport you to a world far away from your surroundings. I spent 4 hours walking the Strand Book Festival today and a festival it was.. I picked up about 15 books!!!! As a child, if there was one luxury that my parents let me indulge in, it was the luxury of spending hours at such book exhibitions/festivals, scanning through books.. I dont even remember an occassion where my parents denied me a book that I wanted..Quite often, out of curiosity, I remember having purchased books that were years beyond my comprehension! As a teenager, I have brought home books on sex and sexuality without my parents batting an eyelid.. This liberty was a introduced me to themes and thoughts that many of my peers were denied. I must admit being amazed or even confused at the complexity of the themes in many of the books that I read; However, most of those themes stayed at stuck in some corner of my mind and woke up when the appropriate context bubbled up… Looking back, I realise how a lot of my personal choices were deeply influenced by the books I read early on in life, books like Charles Dickenson’s David Copperfield, Eliot & Robert Frost Poetry , Hemingway’s short stories, Peter Drucker’s Management musings, Jack Welch’s ‘Straight From the Gut’ ,Dr. Wernher von Braun’s Biography, ‘Apollo, The Race to the Moon’ ..It was a joy to pick up a book, make notes and then walk over to the nearest bookstore to look for a book referenced in the one that you have just now read! I have often heard the suggestion that reading tends to make people theoretical or academic. I’d like to politely disagree with that.. such a thing could probably happen if the person’s reading portfolio is uni-dimensional.. As a parent, the best gift I think anyone can give, is the gift of an open mind and a willingness to imbibe diverse learnings from experience…A library of novels, poems, biographies, scientific treatises, management literature is as diverse as any gift can get.


~ by exploreamaze on November 29, 2009.

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