From J to P

From INTJ to ENTJ and now ENFP..If I trust what I was told by a facebook MBTI test, I am quite a changed man ;-)…. Honestly, I think the only person who can really assess that is my dear wife & a fine lady who happened to be the object of my interest during the days at college ;She thought I was constantly judging people. The first person who had conducted by MBTI assessment, Prof.Balasubramanian S, had indicated that people do change over a period of time but rarely so much that their function and lifestyle types modify.

I dont know if the facebook app is right, however , I do think that I have mellowed on judging..more so after the 60 odd appraisals I have conducted over the past 4 years.. The more you listen to people, the more you suppress your need to talk, the less you need to judge..Marriage does bring in a new perspective to the ‘other’ side, especially if you have a perceptive partner( like I do!) . I think somewhere along the way, I have come to realise and respect that there is sometimes no need for a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way.. I say ‘sometimes’ because I do use judgement and I do hate indecisiveness.. What life has taught me is that we should make decisions when they need to be made…Debates are still welcome but not purely for the sake of bringing a uniqueness..

As we page through the years of life, I think many of us go from seeing what’s unique and needs to remain so, to seeing how the uniqueness connects and integrates..From J to P, lets see how long I stay here 🙂


~ by exploreamaze on December 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “From J to P”

  1. 🙂 Well-written! And the secret (of your J to P transition) is out now, eh? 😛

  2. The meaning of Judgin Vs. Percieving :

    Judging types use thier “Judging function” (T or F) in an extraverted way and therefore they appear organised and prefere structure, more likely to be punctual, neat, less creative.

    Whereas, Percieving types, use thier “Percieving function” (N or S) in an extraveted way, and therefore apear disorganised and are more open-ended, more likely to be unpunctual, messy and creative.

    Being a Judging type does not say much about whether someone judges other people or not, because it is possible for someone of a percieving type to judge internally.

    Hope that was useful…

    If you are looking for a good MBTI test, try this link:

  3. Actually, a few minutes after I left my comment, on my way back home, I was thinking I must come back here and write about what ZKAIROS has mentioned above. My understanding of J and P also changed significantly once I read a full-fledged article on the MB Indicator. The key reason why I dream of being P is on the lines of what ZKAIROS indicates – to be OK with sudden changes and take things as they come rather than get jittery and feel ‘unsettled’ whenever a plan does not pan out or when things are not perfect/structured/organized.

  4. @Zkairo – I agree – The reason why I mentioned Judgement in ‘Judging’ is that the ‘J’s tend to get perceived as ‘Judging’ because of the Extraverted Judging ways.
    @Nimmy – One of the biggest revelations for me has been the thought that the desire for structure can actually make it very easy to understand and assimilate anything that lacks structure.. Almost like a puzzles that just needs to be resolved.. The idea is to expand the body of knowledge or that dictionary of structures you already have in your mind and accept that there are more structures than you know of today!

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