Lullaby of distances

Your eyes cradle,
in the convex that extends beyond the door,
As I try to string words
to the rhythm of that hollering winter wind,
The ship’s assailed,
The sailor’s afloat,
The winds I hope, will take me to thee

Wrapping arms around the fears,
kissing away those salty tears,
It wont be long, It wont be years
The calm that hides, wont bring us near…
The Lonely lamp in the night wont scathe, wont tear
The smiles that wait behind the pier
Like memories, are just kisses beneath closed eyes
Maps that we draw on dark starless nights.
It is only the night , Only the day..Another one, that comes our way..

As the night crawls under tumultous seas
The sirens of longing and abandonment shall sing,
Odysseus, I wish I were,
Pouring the lullaby of distances in our ears,
For tommorow,
is yet another day that this distance shall bring.


~ by exploreamaze on December 30, 2009.

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