Anatomy of Hate

Has been long since I saw a thought-provoking movie that did not seem loud or preachy.. American History X fits well into what I’d call deeply moving cinema.. Hate is an emotion that can be difficult to analyze and even more difficult to enact/interpret… The script of this movie makes a brilliant effort at breaking open the anatomy of hate , from seemingly innocuous seeds to the triggers that open up multi-layered shreds of inconsistent logic that often drives actions of hatred.

At various points in the screenplay, the writer lays out a pointed set of statements that make me think aloud about the caste system in India. The scene where Derek has a conversation with his Dad about the new English teacher is so much like what parents of all castes and religion often feed their children with ! I was born a Brahmin and was fortunate that my parents let me the liberty to develop my own views about religion and culture… But I do remember the number of times I have heard peers and friends talk about the únfair advantages’s doled out by the Government to the lower castes..The debate on that could last eons and that is not the point to be made here.. the point to be made is how an already long drawn legacy of opinions and passive aggression gets passed along through simple interactions and thoughtless generalisation. It is the art of presenting a balanced view that this movie does a good job of.. No surprise that Edward Norton got nominated for an Oscar on this one!


~ by exploreamaze on January 10, 2010.

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