On Activism and activists

Watching Vandana Shiva on ‘Amanpour’ on CNN makes me realize why such well meaning people end up limiting their impact. Shouting and screaming rhetoric rarely solves complicated issues. I am not in favor of corporate farming and don’t support globalization of agricultural produce. I firmly support the concept that we as human beings should learn to eat local produce and that we should stop large scale inhabitation in places where natural produce and local sources of food are not available. What pains me is that rhetoric spewing loud shouting activists create a poor case for those who need a persistent, consistent logically sound representation of facts. Large scale agriculture and genetically modified food is a disastrous attempt at creating interventions in a natural system that we have inadequate understanding of. Why don’t these activists learn from the leaders who influenced millions ? Fighting a battle with positive vision is better than attacking with alarmist rhetoric. Large scale change and support for environment, poverty and agriculture related issues would improve if they are centered around positive expectations.. Stories of death and sorrow evoke empathy/sympathy , never enough to make masses walk towards a new world!


~ by exploreamaze on March 25, 2010.

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