What should I do with my life ?

It had been years since I read a non-fiction book from cover page to the end – Part of it has been the the story of my life and part of it is the fact that nothing ever touched my thought process so deeply as to demand undivided attention for 24 long hours. Reading ,to me, is both catharsis and endogenous; it makes the process of learning and unlearning , a journey where every ending spawns new beginnings. Po Bronson’s ” What Should I Do With My Life? ” , is a book that does this with journalistic finesse. The book never falls into the prescriptive trap of self-help books. The journey of what you want to be in your life, is a lot like a voyage into the unknown that has to planned ad infinitum. Bronson’s story tellers are not those screaming out or intending to be the next big self-help author and their stories are intimate enough for us to learn from them,yet never enough to achieve closure. Every story almost ends like an incomplete thread.

” What Should I Do With My Life? ” – That is a question that reverberates in my mind. It is a question that leads to more questions than it answers.. It leads you to question your values, morals, means and methods. It forces you to wonder if the occurrence of such a question is an indication of some arrogant seed of narcissism or a beacon to indicate that your life’s gotten derailed from the purpose you sought. I know some of the big picture and some of the changes have been triggered, It would be interesting to see what I end up doing with my life, three, five and ten years from now…


~ by exploreamaze on May 2, 2011.

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