Note to the Netflix Team…

Netflix Team( including Mr.Hastings)

A big reason why I chose Netflix, was the ability to get movies in whichever format I wanted -DVD or Streaming- from a single website and account. I think you are designing your organization based on accounting rules and intrinsic view of how it should run,Not on the basis of what truly works for customers. You are taking a drastic step to resolve an incremental problem. The Netflix site has a miserable search capability and very poorly designed user-interface..But that can be fixed without shifting DVDs to a separate site. The shoddy website design often made it tougher to make a  ‘1-Click’ choice between streaming or getting a DVD subscription. Then there were issues with not being able to enjoy those ‘ DVD special features’ on the streaming version. Irritants, but never something that could not have been fixed in the old structure. With this new structure, i’ll have to maintain multiple accounts, track payments, keep logging-in and out to shift from wanting to watch something in streaming mode and getting a DVD shipped. And i wont be able to track ratings or maintain a unified view of my likes and dislikes…

When you hiked the fee, i didnt budge; The price change was steep in terms of percentage change but i think the deal retained value for money..However, with this new change,I think I’ll kill my subscription entirely – i dont like the idea of any organisation trying to dictate my usage habits to simply meet its accounting needs and organisational hierarchy’s career interests. The entire series of events over the past three months makes me believe that Netflix leadership makes hasty decisions with little or no ‘Outside-In’ thinking or atleast some sampling of potential diverse customer feedback.  I am wondering if this is an indication of a fundamental weakness in your business model..Is there something in the fine-print on your P&L account and Balance sheet that needs more attention ?


~ by exploreamaze on September 19, 2011.

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