Namma Metro.. The Seeds for a surviving megapolis???

The Bangalore Metro may not make profits from day one and it may be years before the typical bangalorean used to two wheelers will start liking the communal feeling of commuter trains.But I don’t care, not everything in life is viewed from economic perspective and the government’s role is broader than profit and loss.. I am saddened by how the ‘non-rich’ and ‘non-middle class’ are completely invisible to the nouveau and the new age Bangaloreans.I am hoping that the metro starts acting as that interface..When the guy travelling next to you at the end of the day is a sweat stained laborer whose daily earning is less than a 10th of what you probably make in an hour.We humans measure a product of convenience and time.A quick 10 minute ride in cramped spaces is often better than a 30 minute luxurious ride in a personal car. That comparative benefit will over a period of time lead to more people traveling on the Metro.. The Mumbai local trains are a rite of passage for every self-respecting Mumbai teenager, an introduction to cosmopolitan and economic diversity.. I am hoping that the Metro in 2025 will become such an experience for teenagers of that generation. Look at any megalopolis that has survived multiple economic booms and bust, you’ll find some form of public transit and speedy transportation that has always existed in that city, a river or a canal in the past and a railway system in the industrial age.


~ by exploreamaze on October 21, 2011.

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